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The Rhombus Factory Information System is a modular production control system for medium to high volume manufacturers.

It is unusual in that it has been built up from a shop-floor data collection system, rather than down from an accounting system. This means that it has modules to handle many tasks on the shop-floor which you do not get in other software packages.

Large companies use it as a Manufacturing Execution System.

Small and medium sized companies use it to run their businesses.


Family tools

A family tool is a tool which produces two or more different parts in one cycle of the machine.

An example is an injection moulding tool which produces a left hand and right hand automotive component in the same shot.

Another example is a press tool which produces a rotor and a stator for an electric motor in the same blow.

Another example is a slitter which slits a reel of web into strands of different widths.

The Rhombus Factory Information System has full support for family tools.

  • You can specify any number of family members.
  • A family can contain the same part more than once.
  • You can control the position of each part in a family.  This allows you to track the position across the web of slitting operations.
  • It supports tools which cleat parts in the tool so that it takes many blows to make one part.  An example of this is a press tool making rotors and stators which cleats the rotor laminations into a stack in the tool.  In this case the rotors are counted in stacks, but the stators as individual laminations.